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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trash to Treasure

Discovering Yard Sales

Baby T in his Superman Hat
On Saturday morning, I joined the hordes of bargain hunters, collectors, and just plain crazies. I went to a yard sale. Actually, I went to 5 of them. When I emailed a friend and told her I had never been to a yard sale, she emailed me back and said, "Surely that must have been a typo."

Apparently I was slightly unAmerican. Well, pledge allegiance, because I'm not anymore.

I live in a small suburban/rural town. Normally, I would have ventured into the bigger city I live outside of to delve into the world of yard sailing but I had to work at 9AM and there was a triathlon going on in town, tying up traffic.

I carefully mapped out my route. Mom-Mom (my mother in law and Baby T's grandmother) was to meet us at our house at 6:45AM sharp. From there, we were hitting 3 yard sales that started at 7AM, and then another that started at 8. I was on the hunt for wool, fabrics, and a playard, since Mom-Mom just realized that she has nowhere for Baby T to sleep now that he's a giant rolling maniac. We packed Baby T into his warmest clothes and strapped on a hat since we had a frost advisory the night before, and headed out.

At the first yard sale, we meandered through the trailers until we found the sale. This was supposed to be the most promising one. Crafting, crochet supplies, books, etc. I couldn't wait. We walked into the backyard to find three tables teeming with containers, all dulled on the bottom with ash. An elderly couple, both smoking cigarettes (at 6:55AM!!) welcomed us. We looked around. Not much between the VHS tapes and ashtrays. Baby T spit up. We left. False advertising, to say the very least.

Next, we stopped by the free yard sale at the local church. The pastor had just been arrested this past week for indecent liberties with minors, and the sign in front still said "Youth Meeting Monday, 7PM". Who was going to go to THAT? We debated leaving Baby T in the car. But we brought him out anyway. This yard sale was free. We debated what this meant: Is it free to set up a table and sell your junk there? You don't have to pay a cover charge to shop? Nope. It was free. As in, come in, fill your bags, fill your bags some more, fill your trunk, and skidaddle. Yup, we didn't have to pay for a thing. I found a few 100% cotton and wool items that I could use for my sewing. It felt kind of weird to just walk away with it all in my arms. But what a great way for people to get rid of clothes they didn't want anymore, and for local families to replenish their closets.

Next, we drove into a neighborhood we had never visited before. This yard sailing is a great way to get to know your town! Nice things, raising money to send the high school girls in the family to Washington, but nothing I was looking for. I was tempted to buy a few pairs of JCrew and Nine West jeans (the owner of the house was quite the sales lady) but I declined and we continued.

At the last yard sale, we found our playard, and some toys, clothes and shoes for Baby T. Mom-Mom practically had to drop kick a man with a truck and trailer who showed up looking specifically for playards, but we got it! Complete with bassinet and changing table. And it might even vibrate. All for $10! (Now if only Baby T will nap when he's at her house.) I was tempted to haggle for the baby clothes I was buying, but forgot all about it and ended up paying $7 for 4 pairs of pants, a vest, a pair of shoes, a Superman hat and gloves (my favorite purchase of the day) and a Lamaze soft stackable ring toy.

Baby T in his new hat and pants (how are these supposed to be 12M size? They are practically cutting off the circulation of his 5M waist!):

Baby T's Yard Sale Outfit

Driving home, I felt pretty satisfied. In an hour and a half, I had managed to learn more about my town and find some much-needed gear. Next weekend, I'm sure the "much-needed" will fall away from that statement. And we'll probably be looking for more shelves for the garage within 3 weeks. Oh wait, there's a sign--YARD SALE TODAY! Gotta stop here, sorry...


Trista Teeter said... Best Blogger Tips

lol, I hadn't been to a yard sale in FOREVER until Cindy dragged me to a couple a couple of weeks ago. And yeah, totally addicting. Got Brooklyn an almost-new bike (which we were going to get her for Christmas anyways and were prepared to pay the $40 price tag) and helmet for $8!! Woo hoo for yard sales!

The Edwards Family said... Best Blogger Tips

You should TOTALLY get on and Craigslist to find yard sales. On craigslist you can atleast see pictures or request to see pictures of their stuff. The Lejeune sales are good because we military people are constantly moving and needing to lighten our loads.

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