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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Holidays!

*Sigh* So I am finally able to sit down at the computer now that the holiday season is drawing to a close. We were busy: traveling to Memphis for Thanksgiving, preparing for Baby T's first Christmas, and trying to get some sleep on New Year's Eve.

There is something magical about this season when you're a kid. Your whole family is together, you wake up early on Christmas morning, and you spend the day cozy inside your childhood home. Once you're older, you're busy visiting different family members or wishing you could all be together. You try to sleep as late as possible, and you pack up the car several times--with presents to give, and later, presents to bring home. It's different than it used to be.

On Christmas Eve Big T and I were scrambling to decide where Santa would leave the presents. Our stockings were hung on the entertainment center above the TV. We don't have a fireplace. We decided that we didn't want Baby T thinking Santa comes in through the TV, so we decided to leave the presents by the back door. Thus begins the tradition. Who needs a fireplace anyway? We made it easier for Santa.

Baby T opening his first Christmas present ever:

A little overwhelmed by all of the presents:

My little elf:

And our little Christmas miracle--Even though we had been waiting for Baby T to start crawling on Thanksgiving, since he had been dragging himself around the room on his elbows for several weeks now, he finally did start crawling on Christmas day:


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