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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 2 Best Breastfeeding Products: Boob #1 and Boob #2

...and believe me, you'll need both, because one will inevitably make more milk than the other or your baby will choose a favorite.

When I had Baby T, I was armed with breastfeeding products: A boppy, nursing bras, nursing pads, nursing tops, a double electric pump and a hand pump, several different types of bottles, a bottle drying rack, a Milkmate storage system for expressed breast milk, quick clean wipes for the pump, a steam-cleaning bag for the pump, breastmilk storage bags, and Lansinoh.

When I had Baby M, I had boob #1 and boob #2.

It's not that I didn't need everything the second time around, it's just that I was too busy to bother.

The Boppy

The Boppy is a great product for new moms--it better positions the baby for breastfeeding. It raises baby up so you don't breastfeed hunched over, and it helps alleviate muscle fatigue. I used it for at least 3 months the first time around. The second time around, I barely had time to sit down while nursing. And if I did, I was nursing in a side-lying position so I could get some much-needed rest.

I did often nurse in the wrap or the ring sling, but nursing sessions where I could relax and worry about baby's positioning were few and far between. Plus, I had breastfed in just about every position possible by now, and I had a lot of practice finding out how to get comfortable.

Nursing Tops

In theory, nursing tops are great--they let you poke just your nipple out while keeping the rest of you covered up. In reality, they are expensive and don't often work as they should. There were many times that I wore a nursing top and constantly had to check whether my boob was still sticking out.

I ended up just wearing a camisole under everything. Cheap camis usually have stretchy straps, so you can just pull your outer shirt up and the cami down. If your boobs are small enough, you can just wear a cami with a shelf bra and forego a bra altogether, but if you need the support, you can easily wear a nursing bra under the cami and just unhook it as you pull the front of the cami down. This covers your belly and only exposes what the baby needs in order to nurse.

Pumps and Pumping Supplies

Since I was working full time when I had Baby T, a lot of the supplies came in handy. If I had to go back to work full time, I would definitely still use the double electric pump, the Milkmate storage system, and a bottle drying rack. But I never really ended up cleaning my pump at work, so I rarely used the wipes or the steam bag. I just put my pump in the fridge in between pumping sessions and washed it with soap and water when I got home.

With Little M, I use the hand pump more often. If I have plans to leave Little M with someone, I usually forget to pump until the day before, and it's hard to hook myself up to the Medela electric pump when my kids are running around. Instead, I just pump out a few ounces during every nursing session. Little M nurses on one side while I pump on the other. It's not a great way to get a stockpile going, but it's good enough for me to leave him with someone for a few hours.

It's funny how your priorities change. I do have to say, it's nice to have accessories on hand to make your life easier as long as they really are making your life easier and aren't creating more of a hassle. But I come across a lot of expecting mamas who are stressed out wondering what they need to buy to breastfeed their babies.

I always tell them that they really don't need to buy anything--they should just focus on breastfeeding and the baby for the first few weeks, and if they need to purchase any breastfeeding products, they'll learn as they go along.

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Helen said... Best Blogger Tips

Great post title!
Personally I went and bought a new product every time I came across a new problem feeding - it made me feel that I was doing something towards fixing it. But a few months in, they're all gathering dust and it's just me and my melons!

Jacqui @ The Breastfeeding Blog said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it! And totally agree with the favorite breast thing, sometimes it feels like i have to beg my son to nurse on his least favorite side ;)

Baby Carrier said... Best Blogger Tips

Baby sling are able to provide privacy when breastfeeding or nursing your baby in public. You can nestle the baby deep within the fabric of the sling to ensure privacy while monitoring that the baby’s head is relaxed and not squished upon its chest, which is important to maintain proper breathing.

Elaine said... Best Blogger Tips

you're right, these extras are nice but not necessary. Ppl shouldn't feel like they need anything other than their boobies! said... Best Blogger Tips

Ditto on the nursing tops! I had a couple that just felt soooo awkward. I also wound up buying a TON of different colored camisoles that are stretchy enough to pull to the side. I think they were $7 each.


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