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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN: A Garbage Man and a Trash Bag Walk Into a Bar...

Baby T has been talking about his Halloween costume for a few weeks now. When we were waiting for my friend's husband to finish his Iron Man race this weekend (Go Z!), Baby T was telling the people around him, who were holding trash bags filled with the race participants' items, about his and his brother's costumes.

But the evening did not start off great. Baby T woke up with a mild fever and was a little bit cranky. It was a good thing that he didn't give us his typical "I only want to wear TJ's (PJ's)" tantrum. We maneuvered him into some green cargo pants and the rest of his costume without much of a fuss.

But he wasn't happy when picture time came.
Cool with it

No pictures, mommy!

Hold me!!

Little M was hamming it up in his trash bag costume.

Baby T perked up when he found out we were going to the restaurant/bar where Baby T's Uncle B and Aunt J work. We took some action shots before we went in.
Throwing out the trash bag.

Baby T decided to pitch in.

And Baby T's mood was even more dramatically lifted after some frozen yogurt.

We finished off the night at a Halloween party, where Baby T gained some confidence and told everyone to look at his costume. (He's usually much more hesitant in social situations). On our way home, we stopped at Mom Mom and Pop Pop's to surprise them with our trick or treaters. We also went to the neighbors, where we realized Baby T thinks you're supposed to walk into people's houses when trick or treating. It's pretty cute. Friendliest garbage man ever. (As long as you give him candy).

Happy Halloween!


melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Hahaha - I love your action shot! The overall cuteness is overwhelming, really. Now I'm picturing Baby T walking into houses while trick or treating. So funny!

teresa said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all these photos too. So, so cute!!!

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