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Sunday, November 6, 2011

SUNDAY SURF: Online Toddler Games

Authentic Parenting Sunday Surf

Baby T has reached an age where he's interested in the computer, and I know he gets to use it sometimes at daycare. Since we only have a laptop, the mouse is a little less toddler-friendly, and he used to get frustrated with it. It has been hard finding online games that aren't too challenging and that keep his attention. Many of the games I find require you to hold down a button on the mouse while you drag an object, but that's way too complicated for Baby T right now. So since I haven't done much surfing for myself this week, I thought I would post links to some great toddler games that are easy to do together.

Educational Toddler Games

Julia's Rainbow Corner - Clean Up the Park: This is perfect for my trash-obsessed toddler. You just click on the pieces of trash, and they magically end up in the garbage can.
Julia's Rainbow Corner - Recycle: The mouse arrow appears with a type of trash, and your toddler can move it to the trash can or recycling bin, depending on what it is. When it's in the right place, just click the mouse to find out if you were right.
Fisher-Price ABC Zoo Game: This game just entails pressing a letter on the keyboard to see an animal that begins with that letter and hear the sound it makes. It's simple, but Baby T likes finding his favorite letters and seeing something happen when he presses them.

Online Coloring for Toddlers

Fisher-Price Interactive Coloring: This one is relatively simple, but Baby T loves it. You press a key on the keyboard to color the pages, and Baby T knows where to move the mouse and click to switch to the page he wants.

Other Interactive Online Toddler Games

Thomas Engine Wash: Any child who loves Thomas will like this game. This was the first one Baby T really liked. I would just ask him to guess which face belonged to the engine, and he would choose one. I used this as an educational tool: I would ask him, "Is it face 1, 2, or 3?" I would go left to right to instill the flow of reading. Now that he can use the mouse, he can select the face himself.

Online Printables

Umizoomi Printable Castle: We don't have cable, so I have no idea who Umizoomi is, but I got it in my head last week that Baby T would like this castle. I printed it out, put it together as quickly as I could with him drooling over my shoulder, and he played with it for hours. He especially liked the turrets because he could hide his men underneath, and he loved playing with the little people, which I printed out on cardstock so they could stand up.

There are thousands of free online toddler games, coloring pages, and printables online, and these are just a small few, but they are the ones that we have tried and love.

Do you have a favorite online game for your toddler? I would love it if you could share in the comments so we could have a great list to refer back to!


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