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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Power of Positive Thinking

I don't always write about all that's on my mind in this blog, although my mind is constantly swirling with content. I try to organize that content into meaningful information when I write my blog posts.That limits me sometimes. I end up omitting some of the emotions I'm feeling, or I forget to touch upon a particular viewpoint. I didn't post much the week of Thanksgiving because I was stressed, overwhelmed, and couldn't put together a coherent thought. I often neglect to post because of that.

Or because, like today, I don't have any pictures to head up the post. And what fun is reading without pictures, right?

Well, I'm going to break out of that habit, because when I feel like writing, well--I need to write.

This week I felt angry. I don't know why; I was just mad at the world. So when Wednesday came around, my now-childless day where I can get 5,000,001 things accomplished, I was less than productive. But my friend who blogs at Memories at Maplechase told me she was excited to hear all that I would accomplish.

This is for you, m'dear.

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I was angrier than ever. Little M woke me up around 3:30, and nursed from then until about 5 A.M. Neither of us really got back to sleep, and he was up for the day at 5, cooing and saying "mama" and being all excited.

I, on the other hand, was not excited at all.

Baby T was going through holiday withdrawal and was in supercrank mode, and Little M is getting his eye teeth, so he's not the happiest camper all the time either. And I was exhausted. Big T thoroughly pissed me off by telling me that at least I didn't have to go to work. Hmph. It wasn't like I could take a nap either.

After getting two kids diapered, dressed, and with some semblance of footwear attached to their lively little feet, I was able to wrangle them into the car.

Then, I got some things done:
  • drove to daycare
  • forgot to leave the carseat for Little M at daycare, so I had to turn around and go back when I was almost home.
  • came home and ate breakfast while watching Rachael Ray. I put away toys during commercials.
  • took a really long, hot shower. I used all the hot water. That's ok because I only shower once a week.
  • when I got my butt off the couch, I made homemade yogurt while cleaning the kitchen.
  • sat down at the kitchen table and ate lunch while writing articles.
  • wrote a few more articles.
  • checked email, FB, and the usual stuff to procrastinate.
  • put away laundry (Never. Ending.)
  • banged up a coconut and drank the water with some frozen raspberries.
  • made some roasted brussels sprouts for Saturday's dinner.
  • made and drank some iced coffee.
  • put together enchilada's for that day's dinner and put them in the oven.
  • made some sketches for a friend's logo.
  • welcomed Big T and the kids home, ate dinner, cleaned up, and did a little more drawing/checking emails/procrastinating.
That's it. I desperately wanted to take a nap and was pissed off at the world until about 1 P.M., and then things started going a little more smoothly. I never got my nap. The house was so quiet that it was almost uninspiring.I feel like I got the same amount of things done on Thursday, with both of the kids home. I also woke up on Thursday with a much better outlook on life. It helps to be positive.


    The Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

    I knew it! Look at this list! And you got the same amount of things done on Thursday with 2 kids at home? Amazing. So now we know what motivates you: anger, and children underfoot (but not at the same time!) Thanks for sharing. Inspiring as always, friend. :)

    Jordyn said... Best Blogger Tips

    looks pretty productive to me. i would have been way more glued to the tv. and coconut water with raspberries?!?! mmmmm...

    can't wait to see your drawings. miss you.

    The Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

    Oh, forgot to tell you that now I'm waiting for a post on how the yogurt turned out.

    teresa said... Best Blogger Tips

    Oh, I so relate!! That day of opportunity can be a trap.
    And I was just thinking this morning that I want to make a goal for myself of writing more organized and maybe content filled posts for my blog. I only ever manage to randomly string my thoughts together. I love it that you shared more of your emotions here. I'll happily read you unfiltered as well.
    I personally think it was the 3:30 wake up time that made the difference in your day. I can still feel the angst from those endless nights when my daughter (now 4) was keeping me up all night. I really felt like I was becoming such a crabby person.
    It really does help to be positive.

    melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

    Oh, goodness I relate. I have some days where I'm just downright pissed off about everything, and I can't say way. It's like a thick, heavy funk descends on me and for some reason I let it stay. I do tend to be productive in those funks, but I sure don't enjoy it.

    Some friends were having a conversation this week that I overheard more than participated in, but they were discussing the idea that a productive day does not equal a good day for them, and it was interesting to think in those terms. Now that I think about it, the same is probably true for me, and I think the funks are more related to a harried feeling of HAVING to do abc...xy and z now now now. When I can just focus on having a good day, instead of on checking items off on a list, I get things done but am much less ticked off. But anyway, that's me, and I'm rambling. I'm grateful you brought this topic back to my mind, though, because I was moving dangerously close to the funk again. So many things I want to do today!

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