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I’m a mom. And an artist. And a writer. And a childbirth educator. But at the end of the day, I’m a mom. Oh yeah—and the other things, too. If you ask her, every mom will tell you this: she works hard to juggle it all. She wears a million hats, and she works one hundred full-time jobs rolled into one weighty label: MOM.

I created Tmuffin to help moms find their groove:
  • achieve the birth they want; 
  • commiserate about parenting challenges; 
  • find natural, eco-friendly toys for their kids; 
  • learn ways to keep their busy toddlers engaged; 
  • and even sit back, relax, and put their feet up.

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So who is Tmuffin exactly?

Well, it's me.

It's a one-woman gig, but I guess you could say I have some help from these guys:
Big T

Baby T

Little M

I got the idea for the name after I made a breastfeeding bracelet out of copper wire when Baby T was born. I shaped the copper wire into the cursive "T" that's now part of my logo. And I called him muffin. Sometimes I called him Tmuffin. And the name was born. He's going to hate me for it when he's 15.
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