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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Because You Can't Make This Stuff Up...

Some light humor for your weekend:

Here’s some money, mommy! (Holding a credit card)

Baby T doesn’t normally cry very much if he gets hurt. So if he does wail, I get a little worried. The other day, I was in the kitchen and I heard a crash and Baby T started sobbing.
“Are you ok?” I yelled out.
“No! I not ho-kay!” Baby T yelled back. “I got hurt!”
I said, “Where did you get hurt?” as I rushed to him.
“On my flashlight!” he cried.
He then pointed to the exact spot on the flashlight where it was hurt and I kissed it to make it better.

We were playing with Uno cards, and I was showing Baby T different numbers.
Me: “This one is a two.”
Baby T: “It’s a cat!”
Me: “No, it’s a two. Ta-ta-ta-two.”
Baby T: “Ta-ta-ta-CAT!”

Talking to my sister, Andrea –
Andrea: “Is Little M my baby?”
Baby T: “No, Little M is MY baby. He ALWAYS my baby.”

While driving the other day, Baby T decided he didn’t like any songs on his CD. After every song came on, he would say, “I don’t like this song!” Finally, I found one that he listened to without comment. Then Little M started crying. Baby T said, “Mommy, Mason crying because he don’t like this song!”

How many times have you heard this out of a toddler’s mouth:
Me: Do you want to sleep in your big boy bed today?
Baby T: No.
Me: Why not?
Baby T: Because Jerry Garcia sleeping in my big boy bed.
Sure enough…

On a related note, we hung out at the beach last week with my sister's friends. One of the friends was a guy with long(ish) hair. At one point, Baby T looked over at him and said, "Mommy, what Bob Marley doing?" He proceeded to call him Bob Marley for the rest of the week.

Some Baby T-isms:
Tyrannosaurus Rex = Dinosaurus Rex
Piano = Compiano
PJ’s = TJ’s (There is a boy named TJ in his class and he somehow thinks I’m talking about him)
Remote Control = Camote


Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! Can't wait to hear what Baby comes up with when he can say more than Mama and Dada.

Nev said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute...I like the money one :)


Lisa - the Granola Catholic said... Best Blogger Tips

I laughed till I cried. I while reading it I though Jerry Garcia might be a cat, not a doll. Have to say that your kid has great taste in music though.

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the laughs! I need to remember the lighter stuff more often!

Nichole said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL! And we have a camote too :)

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