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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Does Your Ergo Baby Carrier Strap Make You a Stuffed Sausage?

And I don't mean for breakfast.

While we're on the subject of Ergo baby carriers (yesterday I posted an instructional post about how to get ababy or child on your back in an Ergo without assistance), I wanted to deal with another issue I’ve had with the Ergo: the waist strap. It digs into your waist in a ridiculous way.

The other day, I was sitting on my exercise ball working on my computer with Little M in the Ergo. I was wearing it without the waist pad I had made, because Big T had worn it the day before and he can’t stand the pad.

But I cannot wear the Ergo with the waist strap digging into me. It’s intolerable. If I wasn’t crafty, I would have cried after paying $110 for a baby carrier I couldn’t wear. It’s fine if I wear Little M on the front, but if I wear my kids on my back, the waist strap is just so thin that it cuts off the circulation in my stomach. In my entire digestive tract, for that matter. Not to mention the amount of fat that spills over and around it. It’s not only gross-looking, it’s really painful. Especially when I sit down.

I'm like a stuffed sausage:
Ergo Baby Carrier Waist Pad

And to erase that image from your mind, here are some cute, completely non-gross-looking pictures:
Ergo Baby Carrier Strap

Ergo Baby Carrier Strap
Has anyone else bought the Ergo baby carrier and found it completely unwearable because it cuts off the circulation in your post-baby belly? (Yes, I'm still calling it that, even though it's been 8 months). I am so grateful for the waist pad I made for my Ergo. I wouldn’t be able to wear it otherwise, and that would suck, because I wear it all the time.

Here is a picture of the Ergo waist pad:
Baby Carrier Strap

Much better, eh? I sell them in my Etsy shop. (Mind you, there is only one on there now. There hasn't been a huge demand... am I the only person with this problem? I thought I had come up with the best invention in the world). If you have been having this problem and didn't realize there was a solution, let me know. I'll make you one!


melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Your waist pad is a brilliant idea! Also, your belly is not gross - it is awesome and perfect and beautiful, and it housed babies! ;) I don't have an Ergo, but I used to swear by my Beco until one day it just up and stopped being comfortable. I determined, with the help of some babywearing friends, that it just does not work with my body type. Bummer :/ I am now a total Mei Tai convert ... and really good at taking my blog comments off topic ;)

Babywearer said... Best Blogger Tips

Oddly enough I found the Ergo's waist band to cut into my belly too. I wish I could blame it on the post pregnancy pounds, but I'm a Dad so I guess I can't. I have to admit, everyone said the Ergo was the best, but I wasn't so impressed. I liked the Beco more, I found it much more comfortable and it didn't turn my belly into a whole pack of stuffed sausages

Robin said... Best Blogger Tips

When my little guy was young I never could figure out how to get him on my back, probably why I never felt like a stuffed sausage. I wish I had seen the video you posted about two years ago it would have made life with my Ergo so much better.

Evelyn @ HauteMilk said... Best Blogger Tips

I like your shop! I'll be sure to check out your back carry video later, maybe it will help me position my little booger better.

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