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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A Day in the Life

I was inspired by this Day in the Life post at Young House Love. I don’t know if it’s our Facebookish, voyeuristic culture that loves looking into the lives of others (hello, I write a blog about my life, kids, and family) or what, but I love seeing how other people, especially parents—cool, productive, energetic parents who seem to get a crapload done every day—live their lives.

It’s nice to see that Sherry and John spend just as much—if not more—time on the computer than I do. I decided to make a Day in the Life post of my own to let you in on the ins and outs of my routine. Since I’m always complaining that I don’t get enough done.

Like you really wanted to know more about me.

Well, tough. Here it is. This is how I spent last Wednesday. Brace yourself. It's a long one.

6 -7A.M. The kids woke up early—before 6 A.M. Big T squeezed some more sleep out of Baby T by laying with him in his big boy bed, and I nursed Little M for as long as he could stand it in the guest room. When we came out, Baby T was already in his “special chair” eating breakfast and watching Sid the Science Kid.

“I had good nap.” He told me, like he always does. “Did you have good nap?” 

Then he leaned over and scowled because I was blocking the TV.

It was early. I had to have my daily frappucino (espresso, sugar, almond milk, a splash of half and half, cocoa, and cinnamon blended with ice.)

7-8:30 A.M. Begin the morning routine: The kids played while I checked emails and updated my blog/Facebook, etc....

Baby T lined up his fire trucks...

I changed some diapers (which Little M doesn't like)...

And I made Baby T a guitar, which he had a blast playing.

8:30-9 A.M. I corralled the kids into the car. Baby T climbed into Little M's car seat, but lost his guitar.
And that was my bad mommy moment for the day. Since I was taking pictures, I wasn't able to catch Baby T when he fell. On his head. Onto the driveway. Inside we went to give kisses and put ice on it. (I didn't take pictures of that... I actually put my camera down for a second). 

You're probably wondering where Little M was. Thank goodness for baby carriers. He was chilling on my back.

Baby T was ok. But I was not. I was frazzled. And the house was not. If a house can be frazzled, it was.
When I opened the trunk to put the bags of dirty diapers in it, I discovered the stroller was taking up the entire trunk. Ugh. I dragged it out and inside the house. 

The kids ended up happy in their car seats. We were ready to go.
9-11:40 A.M. Little M and I drove Baby T to school and continued on our way. We ran errands. He dozed.

11:40-12:15: I ended up finding Lou's Flower World, a garden store that had lots of vegetable starts. Perfect for my fall garden! I bought tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, parsley, and a lemongrass plant. Gardening was not on my list of things to do today. My head was spinning and I was trying to prioritize as I drove home. When I got home, I went into speed mode. Little M was asleep in my car, so I opened the doors and got to work.

I unpacked the stuff I had bought. The dollar bins at Joann's get me every time. Here is a dry erase activity board I got for Baby T.

Now it was time to do some gardening. I emptied out my weed-filled wheelbarrow and fill it with compost.

I added compost to the empty garden. When I went to check on Little M, he was awake, so I brought him and the plants around to the backyard. It's hard to tell in this picture, but I had to rest Little M's car seat on the handle of the wheelbarrow as I wheeled it back. Don't worry, I held him on so he wouldn't fall. He enjoyed the ride.

12:15-12:30 P.M. Little M was hungry. He hadn't nursed since before we left the house. It was time for mama's milk. This was my attempt at using the automatic timer on the camera. I got some computer work done while Little M nursed.
12:30-1 P.M. Back into speed mode. I planted all the new plants (except for the lemongrass. Not sure what to do with that one, so it's still sitting in a pot on the driveway. Yup, a week later.) Little M helped.

My little gardener:

My plants in the fall vegetable gardens:

1-1:30 P.M. Time for lunch! But first I had to start the laundry, give the dog water, and clean up paintbrushes from a weekend art project.

Little M loves his food now!

So does the dog.

After lunch, I had to pick up a million spoons from under the table. Throwing spoons is Little M's favorite game.

1:30-2 P.M. Little M and I folded some laundry after lunch.

And then Little M nursed to sleep while I did some writing.

To be continued ...

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Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

What a cool post idea! I loved getting a window into your day, and I really loved the guitar you made!

Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I am already exhausted LOL

blueviolet said... Best Blogger Tips

Poor little guy bumping his head, but it was an accident! So funny that he likes to throw spoons so much. :)

RealMommy said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow. I just woke up, but reading that I need a nap. Good work.

Mallory said... Best Blogger Tips

I love day in the life posts. It helps me with my day actually, I never feel like I get enough done either. I really want a fall garden but I don't know enough about it and I don't have time to do the research at the moment. I live in Florida so I hear it's a great time to grow some veggies. One day I will get around to it.

Lauren @ Hobo Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

You have to drop off your own diapers? Our guy comes to the house, which is lovely … except when we forget to put our diapers out the night before, like today, and he has to wake us up to do it. ;)

I love your guitar! And I'm just the same with garden stuff and the $1 bins. I get sidetracked so easily! said... Best Blogger Tips

I do drop off my diapers. They offer delivery, but I'm not even sure if they would deliver to me. I'm out of town.

The guitar is one reason why it's great to let your recycling build up before dropping it off. (They don't have curbside pickup for that where I live either).

Lisa Brown said... Best Blogger Tips

Our mornings are exactly the same! I love squeezing in a little extra sleep when I can. And, our son even has the same "big boy chair" as we call it :)

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