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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: A Portrait of Brothers

Last week, I decided to take the boys exploring. (Baby T told his grandfather that we went "snoring.") We drove to the end of the beach, where there were tidal pools and marshland. It was where the intracoastal waterway met the ocean, and there were birds and crabs everywhere. ("And ferry boats," Baby T would probably want me to tell you.)

While we were exploring, I snapped some great portraits of Baby T:

Then I got overconfident and decided I needed a portrait of both kids. You would think Baby T would have jumped at the chance to hold Little M. I sat them down on the sidewalk (after a lot of bribing with a special treat that he would get when we got home).

It was not a success.

But we'll put it this way: It was real.

And then when Baby T got home from daycare yesterday, we had a completely unprompted Kodak moment:



Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

Wish we could go "snoring" with you. Handsome boys! xo

Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

So sweet!

I love the "snoring" comment!!

Small Footprints said... Best Blogger Tips

Ahhhh ... so sweet! I like the "reality" of it! Thanks for sharing your guys with us!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the "snoring," too! :) And the ferry boat excitement. We have the same difficulty getting decent pictures of two wiggly boys, sigh. Glad you got a great one in the end! Serendipity. :)

melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

These are beautiful! I especially love the third one, but the brotherly love at the end makes for a perfect closing :)

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