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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ergo Back Carry Instructions - Video Tutorial

I was inspired on Monday by a mom I met at the playground. I was chasing Baby T around while wearing Little M in an Ergo back carry. The mom is expecting her second child in February, and she mentioned that she was never able to figure out how to carry her baby on back on her own. I showed her. I gushed about how convenient it is to wear Little M on my back in the Ergo because it frees me up so much more than if I was wearing him in front or holding him.

The instructions that they give on the Ergo website for putting a baby on your back are fine, but they may not work for everyone. The baby Ergo instructions make it look so easy, but there’s a big window from the point where the baby is sitting on your hip to where your baby is safe and snug on your back where you have no idea what happened.

There is this video of the Ergo backpack instructions, which shows A). A very compliant toddler, and B). A big question mark between the time the mom has the kid’s foot through the Ergo and the kid is on her back. What did she do with the kid’s body? How did she move her hands to the appropriate position?

Then there is the back carry that starts with the baby on the hip, which looks like there is a lot of room for error. I’ve never been able to manage this one. First of all, the Ergo doesn’t turn smoothly around my waist, and fumbling for the straps behind my back would be one big mess. The toddler in this video holds himself up straight, isn’t floppy, and isn’t squirmy. And while you’re not supposed to wear a floppy baby on your back, there are still times when my 8-month old Little M is squirmy and floppy and I need a hand on him to be sure he’s not going to fall.

There’s the question of the squirmy baby and there’s the question of how to get the baby’s head under your arm and how you hold onto him or her while you’re maneuvering baby around to your back.

So I’ve made a video to show you how I do it. Maybe it will give you a different point of view. Try it with a spotter until you feel comfortable.

How to get baby on your back in an Ergo back carry:

How to remove baby from an Ergo back carry:


Robin said... Best Blogger Tips

If only I would have seen this when my guy was little. Granted he pretty much nursed non-stop (seriously like every twenty minutes) so I would have been switching him around all the time anyway. Great tutorial!

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