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Monday, May 24, 2010


When I woke up on May 23 of last year, I felt fine. I did not feel 40 weeks pregnant. I had no pains, no twinges, no crampiness. Nothing. I had left work the day before excited that I might be getting my 2 months off and I might not have to go in on Tuesday. (It was Memorial Day Weekend, so I had Monday off.) But this morning, I was thinking, "no such luck." I felt great. I was a little disappointed. My due date was May 25, and I wasn't feeling a thing. Back to square one. It was hard not to be anxious about it. But I knew my body would do what was necessary when it was ready.
I did a lot of walking that weekend. Shuffling was more like it. It was a beautiful weekend, and I felt great.

To keep you all busy waiting to hear the rest of my birth story, I will entertain you with some pictures of Baby T's little birthday celebration we had today.
Baby T loved his bubble maker.
And the little boat filled with animals.

Everybody was oohing and aahing over this gift.

Baby T was very excited about his Vermont Teddy Bear.

Whoa. What is that and why is everyone singing?

Oh, they're singing for me?
Cool! You blew it out!
Mmm.... my first cupcake is delicious. Even if it has no sugar.


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