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Monday, January 2, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: Easy Holidays

Last week was an easy one for me when it came to making dinner. We only ate at home on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I decided it was time to clean out the freezer a little bit, so we ate freezer meals every night. I'm still bad at remembering to remove the meal from the freezer, so they tend to stay frozen in the middle, but I'm getting better at it.

The Meals:
(These were all from the freezer)
Tuesday: Thai chicken patties with brussels sprouts stir-fry over noodles
Wednesday: Veggie/quinoa casserole
Thursday: Flank steak and twice-baked potatoes, hush puppies

The Method:
Monday: I was really in the mood for pasta on Tuesday, so I broke up the Thai chicken patties and sauteed them in a pan while I cooked the noodles. I was supposed to stir-fry the brussels sprouts as well, but I completely forgot. They ended up getting thrown out yesterday because they were a soggy mess in the fridge. In a bowl, I combined some brown sugar, tahini, garlic, soy sauce, and sriracha (hot chili sauce). After draining the pasta, I tossed it in the bowl with the sauce. It needed to be a little saucier, so I added a few spoonfuls of the coconut squash soup I had made the week before. It was actually really delicious!

Tuesday: I forgot to take the casserole out of the freezer, so I defrosted the flank steak today. I had some hush puppy mix in the fridge that had been there for years quite some time. So I made hush puppies. They were awesome. I have to say, you have to be careful cooking the twice-baked potatoes. They can get very dry. When making them for the freezer, it would help to make the filling extra wet.

Wednesday: I actually remembered to take the casserole out of the freezer today. It was just as delicious the second time around. This one is definitely a keeper.

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Angela @ Angela's Kitchen said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying "Hi!" :) I can't wait to poke around yours a bit, too. Those Thai Chicken Patties and the Coconut Squash Soup sound like just my kind of foods. Yum!

ahorne said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for stopping by! Taking baby steps on menu planning is how you begin. ;) My guys LOVE flank steak - that is something that I look for marked down, and throw it in the freezer with a marinade until I'm ready for it.

Claireomara said... Best Blogger Tips

your doing good with your meal plans,i'm always running around last minute making something,I need to plan more :)

naycauthen said... Best Blogger Tips

Great menu plan!! Woohoo for freezer meals!! I've worked quite the freezer stash up and have learned a lot about thawing etc this year. Makes ya feel quite domestic, doesn't it? :)

Tmuffin said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes! I love when I have dinner ready when the boys get home. Now I just need an apron... But what is your best thawing method? Do you have to take casseroles and stuff like that out the night before?

Tmuffin said... Best Blogger Tips

It really only takes a second. Sometimes it's not even so much planning, it's just writing down the thoughts in my head. Then when I get a spare moment, I can look at the calendar and think, "What can I start getting together for dinner?" It's so nice just to have it in writing.

Tmuffin said... Best Blogger Tips

YES! That is such a great way to make it. It always turns out amazing that way.

Tmuffin said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks! Enjoy!

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