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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: When You Just Want to Cry...

I used to be a big crier. Oh god, in middle school I would cry if I got a bad grade, if someone looked at me funny, or if a teacher reprimanded me for anything. In high school, I would cry when I broke up with a boyfriend, when I didn't get the role I tried out for in the school play, and when my parents wouldn't let me stay out as late as I wanted. In college, I cried when I didn't win the Hamblet Award at Vanderbilt, and...well, I'm sure there were other times. I just don't remember. I'm sure I cried a bunch after college too.

But since having kids, I haven't really cried very much. I cried in the hospital after having Baby T while reading a magazine that described an infant's age in stages, and I couldn't imagine him ever being older than he was then. When I was pregnant with Little M, I was very emotional, but I couldn't cry. In fact, my midwife thought maybe a good cry would bring on labor after my water broke and I wasn't having contractions, but I just couldn't do it.

This week, the same day I was complaining to Big T that there were toys all over the house and I just couldn't keep up with the laundry and clothing rotation, smoke started pouring out of the hood while I was driving both boys around town, and I frantically toted both boys and all of our belongings down the street to a generous friend's house. I kind of wanted to break down in tears. But I didn't.

Maybe this is why:
Drowned Toys

Bathtime Antics

A Noodle Hose

A Determined, Yet Sleepy, Fireman

Those Eyes!

Monkey Butt

This Sweetness

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Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

These are so precious! Love this post!

hobomama said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, my goodness, what a great reason for not crying. They do help you put things in perspective, don't they?

Charise Rohm Nulsen said... Best Blogger Tips

How can you do anything but smile? ;-)

Thanks for linking up last week!

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