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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Surf: A Little Reminder

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Happy Surfing!

This week, I didn't really read that much. I don't know where I was, but I wasn't on the computer all that often. That's probably a good thing. I'm going to be on the computer even less this coming week. Remember how I told you how one of my New Year's Resolutions was to promote my business and make more art? Well, it's more than that. It's about really establishing Tmuffin's identity.

Tmuffin is getting reinspired. It's kind of like how I got reinspired as a mama. When Baby T was born, I read everything I could about sleep, gentle discipline, baby-led weaning...and I lost my motherly instinct. I lost who I was as a mama. And I've been a little addicted to the internet lately, which inspires me, but also makes me lose some of the natural inspiration that bubbles up inside of me and makes Tmuffin what it is.

So I'm not going to be around as much this week as I reinspire my inspiration. I've lined up my posts, but I might not be commenting as much. I just need to look inside myself for a little while.

But I'll leave you with some of my inspiration from last week:

Homemade Oreos - I was totally craving oreos the other day. Big T found a recipe for a shot called an Oreo that included Bailey's, Kahlua, Creme de Cacao and Vodka. That wasn't going to cut it. I needed the crunchy, creamy, real thing. So off I went to Google, and I found this recipe. Strange thing is, I had totally found this recipe before. This must not have been the first time I had searched for homemade Oreos. But it was the first time I made them. They were pretty simple to make, and totally satisfied the craving. They were even better with milk.

Kids and Parenting
CDC Researchers Say Mothers Should Stop Breastfeeding in Order to Boost Efficacy of Vaccines - This startling article describes how CDC researchers have found the antibodies in breastmilk to inhibit the effectiveness of the rotavirus vaccine in infants. This is yet another example of science and medicine working to resolve a symptom, not to find a cure. Perhaps if we worked on boosting our own immunity and health more naturally, there would be less of a need for vaccines overall. (I know, I know people... that will never happen. But in my utopia, it is a possibility).

Toddlers: Teens in the Making - This really hit home for me. I've been struggling to get Baby T to sleep since he quasi-gave up the crib, and thoughts have gone through my head like, I don't care how hard you cry, or if only I believed in spanking. I always said I would listen to my kids and let them communicate with me and respond to them on a case-by-case basis, as humans, not with the overarching "because I'm the parent." And when I'm in my whiny moments, I forget that Baby T is human, too. He has his own concerns, fears, and comforts. As in our life before kids and our life aside from kids we can lose ourselves from time to time, it's nice to have these little reminders.


hobomama said... Best Blogger Tips

Homemade Oreos and I see you've got homemade tater tots on here that I have to click on, too. Are you finding all my weaknesses and showing me how to make them myself?

Tmuffin said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, exactly! They are my weaknesses too! Just wait till I post my newest creation...tee hee.

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