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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Shifting Positions in a Ring Sling

One of the benefits of wearing your baby in a ring sling is that it's versatile. It's versatile and it's quick. You don't have to set baby down while you get the ring sling situated, and it's easy to change baby's position. Contrary to what you might think, you can wear baby in many different positions in a ring sling; you're not limited to a cradle hold. In fact, I use the tummy to tummy hold most often when using my ring sling.

My babies have both liked to be held upright more than in a cradle hold, and I find it easier to keep an eye on them in a tummy to tummy hold. That said, there are times when I feel like they want to lay down a little. Either we're at the beach and the sun is in their eyes, or they seem really tired and staying upright is making them fight sleep. If I'm wearing them for a long time, I also like to change positions to prevent them from getting stiff or uncomfortable.

Below are two videos showing how to shift a baby from the tummy-to-tummy position to the cradle hold without taking off the wrap or taking baby out of the wrap. Then I show how to move baby back. It's just a quick flick of the wrist!

Shifting baby from the tummy-to-tummy to the cradle hold:

Shifting baby from the cradle hold to the tummy-to-tummy position:


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