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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well, it was another beautiful weekend in North Carolina, and we all spent the day outside. It was fabulous. I took a break from all of the hard work and sewing I've been doing and played outside with Baby T while Big T went fishing. And ok, we weren't just relaxing--Baby T and I worked on my garden.

This is what an outdoor table looks like when you're trying to entertain an 11 month old and garden at the same time: bubbles, a woven wrap, some coffee, some water, and some plants.

The garden after transplanting some seedlings

One of our rain barrels (made by Big T!)
Our tractor

Baby T and I watering the plants

Baby T looking cute

And... winding down after a long day.


Sam said... Best Blogger Tips

The garden looks great, I love how you hung lattice on the fence for things to climb up.

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