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Friday, April 30, 2010


Upcycled Sweaters Become Cute Wool Soakers

I've been on a mission to make wool soakers for the past few weeks. I recycle old wool sweaters to make the best diaper covers! Wool is fabulous: natural, breathable, highly absorbent. Oh, and did I mention these soakers are super cute? I usually buy the sweaters at goodwill, or at But remember my post about the free church yard sale that goes on every month or so? Well, last Saturday, I was driving by and saw it out of the corner of my eye. Baby T was asleep in the back seat so I had some time to kill. I swerved into the church parking lot and started rifling through the piles of clothes on the ground while a group of pre-teens took a liking to Baby T.

I guess spring is the time for purging your wool sweaters. I found thirteen wool sweaters. THIRTEEN! For free. One of the church volunteers kept coming up to me to give me additional grocery bags for my findings. At one point, I told her, "Thanks! I didn't expect to find so much." She said, "Thank the Lord."

In any case, I was incredibly grateful. I felt like I struck gold. I drove home with a multicolored sheepfest in my backseat.


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