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Friday, April 16, 2010


A coworker told me about the Doodlebops today. Apparently she had a niece who loved them. And when I had the song "Dinah don't you blow your horn" stuck in my head this morning, this coworker of mine was reminded of the Doodlebops. I was quick to inform her that I had never heard of the Doodlebops, lest she think that was the reason I had that song in my head. She described them as "Kind of like Raggedy Ann and Andy, but one of them is blue and the other one is pink. You should google them. They're really fun."

Now, before I googled them, I had visions in my head of a Blue Man Group/Barney combo. And I thought about how I prefer to limit Baby T's TV watching as he gets older and goes to school and everyone around him is talking about TV characters. Baby T can read books.

Then I googled them and found this image, which confirmed that preference:

So I wanted to be all witty just now and say "Nuff said," but clearly that's not the case. "Fun" is not the first thing that came to my mind upon seeing them. First, I tried to cover up my screen, since I'm at work and am certain this is NSFW (not safe for work). In fact, I keep Alt+Tabbing to make sure no one sees what I'm looking at. I'm a little afraid of these Doodlebops. We have the blue creepy clown from the 70s, a pink B-52, and what looks like a furry Mick Jagger wearing...knee pads? Did he just roller skate in from cheesetown? And what's with the gloves? You guys are obviously not cartoon characters. In fact, you are a little uber-real. What are you trying to accomplish? Then I read on Wikipedia that "The band members wear heavy makeup and/or prosthetics to look like live-action cartoon characters." Ohhhh! That explains it! [??] And then I read that "The Doodlebops' characters are members of a children's band." Uh, really? These guys must have hit puberty really early because they look about 40 to me. [I did stumble across a site that shows the Doodlebugs without makeup. At least they are not 40. They are also pretty normal looking individuals. Further adding to the weirdness is the fact that a site like this even exists.]

And then I read that they are Canadian.

Nuff said.


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