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Friday, April 16, 2010


Our second box from Black River Organic Farm was even more bountiful than the first! Big T was a bit dubious, as he reported that the box felt pretty light this week. But inside, I found a head of red butterhead lettuce, red leaf lettuce, baby bok choy, radishes, a large ziploc of arugula, spinach, and a GIANT zucchini. The thing is bigger than my cat. Possibly bigger than Baby T. I get excited when there are veggies I can cook with (instead of just making salads). And it's important to me to make quick and easy, but healthy, dinners. So here's this week's menu:

Thursday: Pasta with Arugula and Garlic

Saturday: Stir fry with chicken, bok choi and zucchini over rice

Monday: Chicken lettuce wraps

Tuesday: Zucchini stuffed with bread crumbs, spinach, and cheese. Roasted potatoes. I'm still trying to figure out if I need a meat with this. I will probably just add some ground beef to the stuffed zucchini.

Lunches every day are salads with some avocado I have to use up. I am addicted to a new caesar vinaigrette recipe that I got from an Earthbound Farms organic cookbook that came to me free in the mail. My other favorite dressing is this honey vinaigrette, which is delicious if you like to add fruit, like orange chunks, grapes or craisins to your salads.

*By the way, I do eat on Fridays and Sundays, but we hang with the in laws on those days, so no cooking for me!


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