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Thursday, July 28, 2011


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I’ve mentioned this before—when I started this blog, I thought it was supposed to exist in a vacuum. I didn’t realize the connection of the online community, especially the community of parents and natural-minded folks that was out there.

And, of course, nothing can exist in a vacuum.

All my life I’ve been very open and susceptible to inspiration. I am awed by small things; I tend to have grand, dramatic emotions about things that inspire me. When I’m inspired, I create. When I create, I feel fulfilled and motivated and driven to find more inspiration. Which leads me to create again.

You feel me?

Without inspiration, I lose my creativity and motivation. And without momentum, I become bored, irritable, and antsy. I once went two years without painting or creating art. And they were the least fulfilling years of my life.

Now that I have kids, I have this drive to create, to be fulfilled, and to connect. A lightbulb just went off as I’m writing this: maybe it’s because my kids provide constant inspiration.

In my quest to find a way to leave my office job, stay with my kids, and create every day, I have done a lot of research. This research usually entails nursing a baby in one arm while pushing the arrow key on my computer and clicking on links with my free hand. Reading blogs and articles online is not only addictive, it’s inspiring. I have found so much inspiration in different bloggers and artists online, as well as in my own friends and family.

Lately, I’ve been sharing this inspiration with you. Now it’s time to connect. I’ve added a linky below so you can share your own Inspiration Thursday posts. Hopefully we can continue the cycle of inspiration and keep ourselves motivated.

So I ask: What inspires you? 
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melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

I can definitely relate, as I have found more inspiration than I ever dreamed on this bloggy journey. Like you, I never expected anyone to read my own blog either. I'm so grateful for the constant inspiration and conversation and truly believe that it makes me a better person. I may have to join you on this next week if I can get something together :)

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