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Sunday, July 24, 2011


  • Change the World Wednesdays on Reduce Footprints challenges us to act in an environmentally friendly way. If enough people do this during the same time period, we can change the world. I'm definitely joining in, and will be blogging about it over at the Green Baby Diaper Service blog. The more people who join in on this, the more likely we are to change the world. Join us!
  • I also stumbled across The Crunchy Convert at One Yawn: Parental Mutiny in the Heartland. She describes so well how we have all stumbled across our crunchiness. (Well, maybe some of us knew about it all along.). You would think that I knew I was crunchy after spending hours sewing flowing dresses to wear at music festivals or because I thought I looked pretty hot after spending a long weekend camping, with no showers, deodorant or hairbrushes. But, like the Crunchy Convert, I too really realized I was far from the mainstream after I had my first child.  
  • While reading 5 Things Breastfeeding Moms Don't Really Need at Best for Babes, my first reaction when I read that they weren't suggesting the use of a pump was "but a pump is so convenient!" I don't have to pump for a full-time job, but I do have to pump when I leave Little M to teach birth education class. And I have found it's so much easier to just pump with a hand pump on one side while he nursed on the other (as opposed to strapping myself into the double-electric milking contraption). But then I kept reading, and the advice is good. Pumping can make moms who are uncertain about their milk supplies even more uncertain. It can change an on-demand feeding schedule to a tightly-restricted monitoring of ounces and hours. And if you're building your milk supply for the pump instead of the baby, well, that can drive you crazy too. This is a great article, especially because there are so many **things** you can buy for baby. You don't really need em!
  • I also came across Liz at She really snagged me with her tagline, "I don't know what I'm doing either." I wanted to throw my arms around her and designate us BFFs for lifetime. And then she double-hooked me with her post about the Breastmilk Baby Doll. She had me on the floor laughing. Her tongue-in-cheek discussions about parenting and pop culture are hilarious and honest. She's a refreshing read.


Lisa - the Granola Catholic said... Best Blogger Tips

so true about discovering our crunchiness. I never consider myself crunchy until after having kids. I actually grew up sorta crunchy and did not know just how "organic" we were. My mother had other crunchy friends too. said... Best Blogger Tips

Lisa - Funny--I specifically remember my mom bending me over the sink to wash my hair with vinegar when I was a kid!

Sconi Mommy said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the nod! I'll have to spend some time checking out your blog. I'm always looking for like-minded folks.
Nothing like a three day camping trip (or clothing-optional festival) to help a gal get in touch with her crunchy side. :)
-Chelsie (From One Yawn)
(I'm The Crunchy Convert on Facebook)

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