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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Surf: Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! To help celebrate, this week I am going to be writing about breastfeeding. It's been quite a journey. Join me by checking out some of the interesting articles I came across this week:
Just Cover Up?
This is a wonderful article from Lactation Narration explaining why it’s not ok to ask a nursing mother to cover up or to be more “modest.” Breasts were made to breastfeed, not to be sexualized. It’s not our fault as moms that society has a dirty mind. I feel uncomfortable seeing babies stuck in bucket seats, holding onto their own bottles and not being held, rocked, or talked to while they are getting fed, but I keep my mouth shut.

This is an old article, but I came across it when researching an article for a freelance client. It’s a great resource. I’ve used breast milk to treat an eye infection, diaper rash, and cuts and scrapes, but I did not know that a breast milk ice cube can soothe an insect sting, that breast milk can be used as a mask to treat acne, or that it can be made into soap. But it makes sense… goat’s milk soap is a popular trend these days; why not make it one step healthier?

This is also an older article, but I came across it on Science and Sensibility and thought it was important. It basically explains how breastfeeding mothers get more sleep. As a mom who rarely coslept with Baby T and often cosleep with Little M, I can vouch for that. If Little M only wakes up twice a night but I have to get up and nurse him sitting up in the rocker, I am so much more tired the next day than if I slept with him and he nursed ten times during the night. Being able to stay lying down in bed makes all the difference. 

I feel Hannah at Wild Parenting's pain. Although breastfeeding was essentially a nonissue for me—I didn’t experience mastitis, plugged ducts, severe problems with latch, or any problems with supply—and I always expected to breastfeed my toddler until he was at least 2, extended breastfeeding was a struggle for me. This was mainly because of my pregnancy with Little M, but it’s interesting to read about another mother’s journey with extended breastfeeding.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE that blurb about breastfeeding in public! It could be its own post and it is one of the smartest, most articulate ways I've seen it phrased!

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