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Monday, February 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: Getting Thrown Off

I've been succeeding in spending little money at the grocery store and pulling from my freezer and pantry stockpile lately. Sometimes, Big T is less than willing to eat the healthy food I make, so I try to make these recipes when he's working late. He's willing to snack on whatever if he doesn't want to try what I've made. But this week, I got sick. That meant I didn't want to do much of anything, much less cook. I lied on the floor most of the day with Little M crawling all over me. This is what I did the rest of the week:

The Plan:
Monday: Salmon burgers (from freezer) over salad
Tuesday: Sweet potato chili (from freezer) over rice
Wednesday: Kale soup
Thursday: Pepperoni pizza
Saturday: Chicken, collards, rice

The Reality:
Monday: Salmon burgers (from freezer) over salad
Tuesday: sick
Wednesday: Creamy kale soup
Thursday: Leftover soft tacos from last week
Saturday: America's Test Kitchen Chicago deep-dish pizza

The Method:
It's nice to have a meal plan and food in the freezer when you get sick and have to change things up. There was no way I was cooking on Tuesday, and Big T was able to find stuff to eat nonetheless. My pantry and fridge are starting to look emptier, which is great, because I'm splitting a quarter of a cow with my friends this week. That means beef in the freezer for who knows how long!

The creamy kale soup recipe from this week was amazing, and the salmon burgers tasted like crab cakes. A definite keeper for freezer recipes. And the deep-dish pizza? Delicious. It was more work than I would have preferred, and I had some major heartburn in the morning, but it was kind of worth it. (There is half a stick of butter in the dough. Nuff said.)

For more meal planning obsessiveness inspiration, check out!


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