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Monday, February 6, 2012


After a few weeks of slacking off, I was back on track this week, and it felt great. Last Sunday, I scheduled most of my blog posts for the week and prepared my meals. I didn't cook all day. I just went into the kitchen when I could and got some stuff together. I had dinners for the entire week, and I barely had to cook on my weeknights. This is when menu planning is so incredibly worth it.

I can't remember what I spent on groceries this week, but it was less than $50. This is getting easier and easier!

The Plan:
Monday: Spring rolls with salad
Tuesday: Cheesy split pea casserole with sausage and pasta
Wednesday: Thai meatballs over rice with kale and cabbage
Thursday: Sausage and pepper sandwiches, tater tots
Friday: Eat at Mom-Mom's
Saturday: Soft tacos

The Reality:
Monday: Spring rolls with salad
Tuesday: Cheesy split pea casserole with sausage and pasta
Wednesday: Thai meatballs over rice with cabbage
Thursday: Sausage and pepper sandwiches, twice-baked potatoes (from freezer)
Friday: Soft tacos
Saturday: Meatball grinders, homemade french fries

The Method:
Sunday: I wanted to kill two birds with one stone, so I "ground" up some chicken breasts in the food processor and combined them with ground beef. I mixed it with Asian flavorings: fish sauce, soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil, garlic, and cilantro. I browned half of it to use in the spring rolls and made the other half into meatballs. Separately, I sauteed shredded red cabbage and carrots until they were soft. I mixed the veggies with the browned meat and stuffed it into egg rolls. I wrapped the egg rolls in wax paper and put them in a plastic bag, and I deep fried them on Monday. For the meatballs, after they were cooked, I threw them in a storage container and poured a can of coconut oil over them.

Last week I promised you I would do something creative with the split pea soup that I made but didn't love. I made a casserole with ziti and turned the split pea soup into a thick, cheesy sauce. (Recipe to come tomorrow). It was darn good. Even Big T loved it, and he was pretty icked out by the split pea soup. I prepared this on Sunday and even have one in the freezer to eat another day.

Monday: All I had to do today was remove the egg rolls from the fridge and fry them. They did get a little soggy in the wax paper. I've had better luck freezing them and frying them from frozen.

Tuesday: Today, I just made rice and heated up the meatballs and coconut oil together, then threw it over the rice. I don't know why I thought having kale on the side would be good. I did have steamed red cabbage on the side. Yum. If you have never tried that, do it soon. Steamed or sauteed red cabbage is sweet and mild and delicious.

Wednesday: Dinner tonight was simple: I threw the cheesy split-pea casserole in the oven. And ate it.

Thursday: I did have to do a little bit of cooking tonight, but it just entailed pan-frying the sausage, peppers, and onions and throwing them on some sub rolls. I also sauteed kale with garlic for myself.

Friday: Tonight, Mom Mom came over our house, so I cooked again. It was one of my go-to meals: soft tacos. Cut up chicken and pan-fried it, roasted some fingerling sweet potatoes from Downeast Connect with some zucchini and onions, and served it in flour tortillas with salsa, cheese, and sour cream.

Saturday: I still had some sub rolls left over from our sausage sandwiches, so I made some meatballs, covered them with tomato sauce, and spooned them into the rolls. We always keep potatoes on hand, so I made some homemade french fries. It was simple and satisfying!

For more meal planning obsessiveness inspiration, check out!


Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm stopping by from Menu Plan Monday. Your menu sounds yummy. Happy Monday, have a great week. :-)

Tmuffin said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie!

Ryanna Gamble Battiste said... Best Blogger Tips

yum! all sounds so good. i have to play with spring rolls. its rice paper they are wrapped in, right? life without soy has me down on asian food lately, but with enough ginger and lemongrass and other yummy seasonings, i shouldnt miss the soy. right?!

Tmuffin said... Best Blogger Tips

I didn't use rice paper for these, but I have in the past. (I used egg roll wrappers, which are made of flour). Forget the soy! I don't really use that much soy sauce. It's more about the salt. I wonder what you could substitute. You should play around with it.

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