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Friday, February 17, 2012

29 Day Organizational Challenge: 20 Day Check-In

Really? Another week has gone by? Although I haven't gotten much done this week (granted, I did have to fly with a 13-month old, so I was gone--and stressed--for most of the week), I did make one major change. I moved around the furniture. It made such a difference that Baby T walked in and said, "Wow! Who did this?"

I did, honey. All by myself.

So I went from this:

To this:

And then I realized that I actually was going to have to show people this photo, so I cleaned up a little:

I'll admit it. I'm a procrastinator. I start strong, then slack off, then bust a move when the pressure is on and a deadline is approaching. It's also why I snapped the photos at 6 PM with two rugrats ducking around the room. Actually, it's hard to do much of anything at any time of day with those two rugrats around, but I'm managing.

Moving the furniture around was huge. The armoire is now more of a focal point, the chair appears somewhat grounded, and the filing cabinet is easy to access. See?

The room just appears more open.

Now I have more of a blank slate. The armoire is practically empty.

The bookshelf is not.

I have made the bed, pulled out the pillows that I once made for it, replaced the picture above the bed, and spray painted the wicker basket on top of the bookshelf that now holds empty hanging folders and manila folders.

I still have to cover my filing boxes with burlap, do something cute with my file cabinet, and organize the armoire shelves. I have an amazing idea for a calendar on the large wall over the chair and file cabinet. I heard Walmart promotional codes can help me get some great storage containers to better organize my room.

I have discarded my fantasy of creating a cute pillow for the chair, adding shelves on the small wall between the closet and the window, and getting a bigger garbage can. But I'm still living the fantasy that this room is going to be incredibly useful and organized incredibly soon.

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