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Sunday, February 5, 2012

SUNDAY SURF: Organize your Home

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaI'm joining Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for Sunday Surf. Share your best reading of the week, and link up your post at either blog!
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Happy Surfing!
I've been a little preoccupied with organizing this week because I'm doing the 29 Day Organizational Challenge at So I've been digging around for unique organizing ideas. I didn't think I did much of anything else, but apparently I did. Here's my favorite reading of the week.

Organizing/DIY Home Decor Ideas
Dressers Make Excellent Storage Containers -  I'm more of a bookcase person myself, but dressers make sense because they hide clutter. Plus, you can customize them with your own hardware. Hmmm.... something to think about...

DIY Clipboards Out of IKEA Panels - Too bad I don't have an IKEA near me. I love the idea of clipping photos and other inspiration to clipboards instead of keeping static frames. My tastes change often, and I get bored with what's on my walls. This is an easy way to switch it out.

Manifesting Lessons - Rachel at Clean talks about the law of attraction. I have always had amazing experiences with this. It's what led me to believe that energy is tangible, and when you put your energy out into the universe, other energy comes to meet it. Rachel talks about how just focusing on what you want can lead to positive results. This has always been the case for me. I went through a spell where I didn't paint or create art for 2 years. I was in a rut, and I was uninspired. As soon as I began creating again, I began getting random emails from people who found my art on sites I had put it on years before. They told me how amazing my art was. Other people reached out to me and asked to buy my work. I wasn't even actively doing anything; I was just thinking about my art. This is an amazing concept and really emphasizes to me that we are so much more than our material world. Read it. Practice it. Enjoy it.

Quick Tips - How to use less conditioner, ways to reuse plastic storage bags, and how to (not) clean up cheerio crumbs. It's the little things that help us find our groove as moms every day!

Love is in the Air, Keeping the Spark Alive - Stylin Momma gives a really good tip: After a long day with the kids, take some time for yourself, and then find time to reconnect. If I had an hour of alone time, I would be glad to give it up!

Poop? What Poop? - Yes, poop is a big part of my life right now. This article describes how Osocozy Bioliners changed my life. I swear, I don't work for the company and I'm not compensated by Osocozy. This explains how much I am addicted to Bioliners for cloth diapering a solid-eating toddler though.

Breastfeeding and Birth
Breastfeeding as Birth Control Clarified - This article by Marah at Happiness Redefined clarifies how effective breastfeeding is for birth control. Basically, the more often you breastfeed and the more time you spend with your baby, the more effective it is. But every woman varies, and the list sounds exhausting, even for the most attached mama.

Nipple Stimulation for Labor - One of the students who recently attended a Tmuffin childbirth education class was asking about ways to encourage her baby to come out. Since I don't think standing outside her vagina with a dog biscuit would work, I gave her the link to the website. Nipple stimulation for labor releases oxytocin, which can help bring on contractions. If her body is ready, maybe it will give her that extra "push."

Pins of the Week:

Squirrel Sorting Activity

Flaxseed Pillow

DIY Mason Jar Labels

File Cabinet Upgrade

Art Supply Shelves


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Love your collection of links to read!

So THAT's what I can do with my hideous hand-me-down file cabinet. Thanks!

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